Pitch Your Web Design Ideas

One of the worst mistakes that any business owner can make is leaving all of the creative decisions regarding their website up to the designer. No one knows your business better than you, so you should ensure that you have a very hands on approach when it comes to deciding on the web design. Whilst there is nothing wrong with bouncing ideas off the designer (they are, after all, an expert in the field), the finished product should be a combination of your efforts.

The first step in the process, before even contacting any potential designers, is to brainstorm. Write down everything that you want the website to include, even if they aren’t necessities. This way, when meeting with a designer, you can ask whether they can actually do the work you are after and you have some valuable bargaining chips (if the quote is well outside your price range, ask what elements can be dropped to get the price down).

Mock Up
The second step is to create a mock up of what you want your web design to look like. How many page ‘templates’ will you need (such as a home page, a product page, a testimonials page, and so on)? What do you want included on each of these pages? Where do you think the navigation will work best? Some people like to draw up their mock ups on a piece of paper with the bare minimum information (stick figures anyone?), whereas other people will create a fully comprehensive site map on the computer.

If you have any sort of computer or technological knowledge, creating a walk-through of your desired web design could also be a useful tool for showing potential designers. You could even record yourself going through the mock up you created earlier and explaining some of the more complex sections of the website. This information could be hugely helpful for the company who ultimately ends up working on your project.

After requesting some web design quotes (sending through as much of the above information as you like), you should arrange some interviews with three or four of the designers who provided you with the best looking estimate. All you need to do is have a quick chat with representatives from each of the three companies, and to decide which one will best represent your interests.

As you can see, pitching your web design ideas to companies can be a fairly simple and confidence boosting process, providing that you are well prepared for whatever questions or issues they may throw at you. Through brainstorming, creating a mock up and conducting interviews (a walk-through is a bonus), you will have the knowledge and the confidence to get your ideas across.