Simple Web Design

What Is A Simple Website Design?

When people search for a ‘Simple web design’ they are usually looking to set-up a basic HTML website that is affordable. This makes it possible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get online when they have limited budgets at their disposal.

The best way to think of a ‘simple web design’ is as an online brochure or C.V. that can be used to get your particular business offer online with the minimum of fuss and at an affordable price.

Low-Cost Does Not Have To Mean Low Quality:

When talking to a web design company about setting up a simple website remember that low-cost does not have to mean low quality. You don’t have to settle for a characterless template website that is only generally related to the topic of your business, so shop around.

What Simple Websites Do NOT Include:

These sites have no complex programming features and most of the websites content (images, text and links) is static with no forums or visitor input or any ‘Web 2.0’ bells and whistles. The truth is, many small businesses don’t need those features and excluding them keeps prices down for the customer.

These simple website designs can include contact forms and image slideshows, but usually nothing TOO technical. Keeping the technology behind the basic HTML website to a minimum helps to ensure affordable prices are maintained.

Focus On The Benefits:

Simple web designs are usually uncluttered designs and the main focus of the site is in communicating the benefits and offers of the business it helps promote. This is certainly obvious when you view my clients Starter Websites designs.

To discover more about simple websites and see samples visit Simple Web Designs.